Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meet The Fam: Production Players

Taylor is the main reason coffee gets to you.

Who are you?
Taylor Roy

What do you do?
Production manager

Tell us something interesting/funny about yourself:
I won an egg toss contest in Marc Ecko's backyard

When did you first get into coffee?
I started drinking coffee pretty young, but it was instant coffee doused in cream and sugar given to me in secret by my grandma. I didn't get into coffee for real until I stumbled upon New Harvest through a teacher at my school and set up an internship.

What is the single most significant moment in your coffee life thus far?
When I realized you don't have to add cream and sugar to coffee

Since working at New Harvest, what has changed about your outlook on coffee?
Everything - my outlook has taken a 180 degree turn since beginning a internship here when I was 15. I had little to no appreciation for all of the work that goes into coffee's journey from the farmers to the baristas. I feel much better knowing what I know now and am eager to share this with others. 

Favorite coffee at the moment?
Santa Isabel

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