Monday, August 1, 2011

Meet our newest employee...Henry!

Henry Brown is here! He told me that in his spare time he babysits people's poison dart frogs. Did you know that they're not poisonous unless they eat a certain kind of fungus? Crazy.

I started drinking coffee around age thirteen, pretty much strictly so I could feel cool. Hollywood taught me that all people who are really cool drink black coffee all day because they're U.S. Marshals or astronauts and don't get a lot of sleep. I decided that was the path for me. Suffering through cup after cup for the sake of someday becoming a starship pilot or maybe an FBI agent, the bitter, acrid beverage slowly started turning into a rich and invigorating one. My deli cup soon became an experience more than a wake-up button, and I started spending time with my friends at cafes drinking far far too much coffee, discarding sleep in favor of a newly discovered social and flavorful aspect of the brew.

It wasn't until after college that I came to understand that I hadn't scratched the surface. I moved to Chicago and answered a help wanted ad for a small roaster in town, figuring free coffee is good and and a nine to five is a nine to five. The day I walked into the warehouse and was hit with the smell of roasting coffee I was sold. The amount I learned at that job was astounding. There turned out to be so much more to coffee than I had imagined, and felt I could ever understand. Now, I continue to seek knowledge and explore the mighty depths of the complex and wonderful beverage, ever alert for new experiences and uncharted territories.