Friday, January 31, 2014


Oh Ula, how I love thee.

 I wish I lived closer to Ula Cafe, and if I am ever in the area, I always make sure I make a pitstop.

Ula Cafe is located in "The Brewery" complex,  an awesome nook in Jamaica Plains, MA, that was constructed by the JPNDC, a neighborhood development corporation.  Ula has been around for 7 years, and is a neighborhood staple.  It's a perfect spot for local businesses people, community members, non-profits, and students to meet up, which ties into their mission: to provide an inviting and comfortable space for the community to gather.  And that it is. It's an awesome space.

To me, Ula is the "trifecta" of a cafe that I want to frequent.  Highlight 1 is their space. Big, winding, and sunny, with plants and art displayed from local artists.

Highlight 2: besides the great space, Ula has another factor that keeps it's customers happy, both regular customers and new.  Besides tasty coffee and tea, with seasonal and inventive "guest drinks," they offer amazing food: both savory sandwiches and soup, and pastry, which is all made in-house.  That's right.  They have a whole back-of-the-house team that cranks out some delicious stuff- they pastry cases are always full and wonderful.

Which leads me to highlight number 3: the staff.  The staff at Ula are incredible.  New Harvest goes up to Ula every few months to train new staff members on the espresso machine, and since day 1 for me, it has always been a pleasure the meet the new people they bring onto their team.  There is a trend :  straight-up  friendly, engaging, interesting people.  They are the best, which says a lot for the space as a whole.  When places have a friendly staff that also get along with each other, that attitude in contagious.  Their mission is to provide a "fun, welcoming atmosphere for the locals," says manager Gray, and it certainly is that!


Check out ULA's website and blog, and "like" them on facebook : they post daily about what their specials are and upcomming events, like their new Open Mic Night on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, as well as a New Harvest public cupping on March 4th!

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