Friday, July 19, 2013

The Annual Mid Atlantic Northeast Coffee Conference

7 years running!!
It is time once again for all the coffee fans at every stage in the coffee community spectrum to join at New Harvest Coffee Roasters for a weekend of COFFEE and all coffee related things.

Need perfect your latte art?  Want to see what green coffee grading is all about?  Want to know more about the coffee trade? Have you never stood behind an espresso machine before but would like to know a little more about the inner workings of it?

This is a conference for everyone, and we are very proud of what it has become to our local Northeast community!

This year, the conference will take place on September 27th and 28th, with a short send off breakfast event on Sunday the 29th.  We are still working out the last minute details, but as of right now, THIS is what you have to look forward to:

  • Keynote address and cocktail party with keynote speaker GEORGE HOWELL!!!!


  • Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel class and a Sensory Analysis class taught by Beth Ann Casperson and Mike Mowry of Equal Exchange Coffee.
  • A coffee varieties and cultivars lecture and cupping presented by Cafe Imports
  • A round table discussion of origin, through the eyes of farmer, exporter, importer, and roaster, all involved with the Royal Coffee NY Microlots program
  • A Green Coffee Grading lecture and cupping presented by Rob Stephen of InterAmerican Coffee.
  • A latte art throwdown and karoake PARTY on Saturday night, with awesome prizes and free beer! . 
  • Labs on latte art, espresso extraction, and espresso machines and grinders. 
  • Discussions on the coffee trade and local coffee communities.
And more to come!

We have incredible presenters and also wonderful sponsors:
La Marzocco USA, Marco, Barista Magazine, Aeropress, Urnex, Curtis, Chemex, WholeFoods, Barista Pro Shop, Irving Farm Coffee, One Village Coffee, Square One Coffee, Dallis Coffee, Toddy, and again, more to come!

We are almost set to launch the official website and registration information.  Please stay tuned to the New Harvest Coffee Roasters facebook page, or the official MANE Coffee Conference facebook page ( for more information as it comes along.
ALSO, we are looking for volunteers !  Volunteering for a few hours during the conference = FREE entry!
Please contact if you are interested!!

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